Photographie sous-marine

Canyons, Caves and chimneys:

The underwater landscapes of Flic-en-Flac have been shaped by currents and there are canyons, chimneys or other impressive caves that should not be explored during your dive.

Discover the dive sites of the west:

The Cathedral (15 - 30m): Descent to a drop off with many cracks and crevices sheltering a rich fauna ...

Flic en Flac Aquarium (9-20m): The site is located on a coral reef interspersed with sandbanks,

Rampart Serpent (27m): At 27m, on a sandy bottom, a reef teeming with life.

Couline Bambous (24-36m): The descent is done in a canyon and immediately, towards the open sea, stretches an immense stone bridge.

TUG II (17-19m) - Wreck between 17-19 meters

The diving center is affiliated to the Mauritius Federation, MSDA (Mauritius Scuba Diving Association).

The diving center and the boat are annually checked by the Tourism Authority and the MSDA.


- 3 dives per day

- The equipment is provided by the diving center and insurance is compulsory 5.- €

- Three experienced monitors


Baptism: 47.- €

Diving (equipment provided): 37.- €

Diving (equipment not provided): 32.- €

Pack 5 dives (equipment provided) 175.- €

Pack 5 dives (equipment not provided) 146.- €

Pack 10 dives (equipment provided) 332.- €

Pack 10 dives (equipment not provided) 284- €

Night dive Minimum 4 divers: 47.- €

CMAS N1: Theory + 6 dives: 316.- €

CMAS N2: Theory + 10 dives: 474.- €

Divers must provide their logbook, level certificate and a medical certificate.


Open Monday to Saturday - 8:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

1st dive: 9:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. return

2nd Beginners dive: 11.30am appointment - 2.30pm return

2nd Qualified dive: 12:30 pm appointment - 2:30 pm return * depending on the number of divers

Night dive: appointment just before sunset (depending on the season)

½ day safari: 8:45 am (appointment) - 2:00 pm (return)

Safari 1 day: 7.45am (appointment) - 4.00pm (return)



Tel. +230 5 934 32 44

Referenced by the Mauritius Tourism Authority

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