The "Mauritius Tourism Authority" goes to war against illegal accommodation ...

The “Mauritius Tourism Authority” (MTA) has decided to put an end to illegal tourist accommodation which, as we know, spoils the image of the destination Mauritius.

For three days, MTA officers have been roaming the island and pinning tourist residences that operate without a license . The objective of this vast operation is to offer tourists, who stay on the island outside the hotel circuit, accommodation that meets standards in terms of comfort, environment and safety.

The Mauritius tourism industry of accommodation, according to experts, suffers from the proliferation of residences offered on the "black market". The quality initiative of the "MTA" is to come and put good order in this area and to encourage owners to respect the standards.

“The brand image of the Mauritius destination greatly depends on the quality of the services offered and this also concerns accommodation. One of the recurring complaints that I noted when I was promoting the destination at the MTPA was about accommodations that were below acceptable level. If we want to improve the general quality of the destination, we will necessarily have to go through an upgrade of services, which implies compliance with norms and standards ”underlines Robert Desvaux, the president of the Mauritius Tourism Authority whose horse of battle is quality.

The field of action of the Tourism Police and officers of the “Mauritius Tourism Authority” concerns all hotel services, not just small bungalows, beach residences, studios or homestays. The IRS and their luxury villas are also in the sights of the MTA.

“We are not targeting during this operation. All those, at all levels, who rent accommodation for tourist purposes are concerned. The objective of the Mauritius Tourism Authority is to put into practice one of the priority objectives of the Ministry of Tourism, which is to make Mauritius a reference destination in terms of quality and tropical tourist experience ”underlines Robert Desvaux.

To comply with the law, owners of tourist accommodation can download the necessary form from the Mauritius Tourism Authority website.

“It is in the interests of all concerned to be promptly in compliance with the law. Those who have a license will be able, in a second step, to display a logo on their accommodation or their website, which will be a guarantee of quality for those who wish to afford their accommodation. I therefore invite all those who are concerned to make themselves known by writing to the MTA. Our procedures have been considerably relaxed, it is up to the operators to make the most of them, ”adds Robert Desvaux.

Beach cleaning started
Note, moreover, that the “Mauritius Tourism Authority” is also active in cleaning up beaches which have been soiled by recent showers. A precise work schedule, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, is followed to restore the Mauritian beaches to their original appearance. “The protection of the environment and its embellishment are one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Tourism and we do our utmost every day to achieve this priority objective” underlines Robert Desvaux.


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