Big game fishing is also very well represented in Flic-en-Flac as well as the national center of Rivière Noire.

We can devote ourselves to this sport between November and April

The most fished species in Mauritian waters are the blue and black marlin, sharks, tuna and skipjack.

A number of big game fishing competitions have been held regularly in recent years, the most prestigious of which being the Marlin World Cup which takes place every year in December.


Whether you are used to spectacular catches or new to avid thrills, big game fishing in Mauritius will meet your expectations.

It is one of the most popular destinations for sport fishing.


The waters of the island are a big game fishing paradise.

The most beautiful fish, marlin, tuna, shark, barracuda, are waiting for you to compete with them.


Departure is early in the morning and return around 1 p.m. if you are only leaving for the half day, or 4 p.m. if you want to spend the day there.


The boat is very well equipped for meals, relaxation and fishing.


Difficult indeed to practice this kind of fishing alone and we do not often go alone at sea.


Big game fishing is a bit like hunting. You have to track down the fish. How to track down the fish?

And yes, don't expect to put your line in the water and wait patiently for the fish to bite!


Once out of the lagoon, the lines are launched with their different baits at the back of the boat and we wait ... ..


2021 RATES

- Big game fishing: 1/2 day (7 am-1pm): 300.-€ 


- Big game fishing: full day (7h - 16h): 450.-€


This rate is fixed up to 4 people on board and includes

the provision of the boat, equipment, lures, skipper and line man as well as the supply of drinks and sandwiches.





Tel. +230 5 934 32 44

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