On the west or east coast, we make you discover the pleasures of the Indian Ocean in the lagoon of Mauritius, protected from the swell and currents by the coral reef. On board, the comfort and safety of the passengers are priorities of every moment.

Each of our boats has all the regulatory safety equipment, according to the standards established by the Tourism Authority and international standards. Flawless navigation equipment, guardrails, lifejackets, etc. So many items that meet the most stringent requirements.

The West Coast - Rivière Noire, Tamarin, Flic en Flac

Escapade at sea under the sun of the west coast.
The light sea breeze announces a beautiful day aboard your boat, along with its friendly crew.

Embark the light foot aboard the catamaran.
In the background, the Black River mountain range encircles the bay, ending near the mythical rampart of Morne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As the boat leaves the bay, the color palette explodes, from the emerald green and turquoise shades of the lagoon to the sapphire blue ocean.

Discover the dolphins

First stop: Tamarin Bay, where spinner or bottlenose dolphins swim regularly on the west coast. With a little luck, they will be present, offering you their facetious leaps and their moving songs as souvenirs.

Then return to Black River, all sails hoisted. In the lagoon, a small interior reef on a background of about two meters houses a crowd of colorful fish and shellfish. Quickly put on the masks, fins and snorkels provided on board and dive to go and tease the butterfly fish or the trumpet fish while admiring the coral on a white sand background. The taste of salt water on the lips, swim under the watchful eye of the crew ready to intervene in case of distress.

Nothing makes the appetite better than bathing. The crew begins the preparations for the meal. Going back on the boat, the scents of the local cuisine tickle your taste buds. On the menu: grilled fish and chicken, salads and dessert, the famous banana flambé rum, depending on the season.

Of course, you can choose to stay on board and dive into the most beautiful pool in the world, the Indian Ocean. Hot, transparent and calm water. You could even think about staying indefinitely ...

In the late afternoon, the wind is just enough to win the way back, as the sun begins its majestic descent. Enjoy a last refreshment while enjoying the warm atmosphere on board until Black River.

The cruise is the image of this coast and its reputation: relaxed, sunny, idleness par excellence ...

Departure at 9:15 from Black River, and return around 15:00

Meals on board:
Grilled fish, chicken, sausage, salads, garlic bread, dessert (Fruits)
Drinks, water, juice, coca, punch, rum, beer, wines.

RATES 2021

Adult : 60.-€

Child from 6 to 11 years old :30.-€

Child of - 6 years : Free


Tel. +230 5 934 32 44

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